Benefits of Membership

Member councils are not restricted in the number of times they contact ERNLLCA for support and probably its most popular facility is the Desktop Advisory Service.

This service provides guidance on all matters relating to the functioning of a parish or town council and is accessible by telephone, e-mail or letter. Detailed written advice is provided, if requested. The most common areas of enquiry are on Meeting Procedure, Chairmanship, Finance, Employment and requests for legal opinion. ERNLLCA also advises on services delivered by parish and town councils including Allotments, Cemetery Management and Community Buildings.

Member councils also have access to models of good practice that are specifically designed to meet the needs of parish and town councils. Amongst the most popular are publications such as Standing Orders and Financial Regulations.

ERNLLCA also operates a substantial training programme for councillors and the programme for the current year can be found in the Training page of the Members section. ERNLLCA is also a partner in the Yorkshire and Humber Regional Training Strategy which co-ordinates training and professional development opportunities for Clerks. The evaluation of ERNLLCA’s training has revealed that, technically, it is of a very high standard but the real test is the value attendees place on it. Membership fees do not include the cost of delivering training.

ERNLLCA has developed a reporting system via this website which will enable member councils to be issued with precise information on new legislation and national consultation exercises. ERNLLCA also supports member councils which are moving towards achieving Quality Status, the Government’s charter mark for parish and town councils.

ERNLLCA, through its regional and national contacts, acts as a voice for parish and town councils at both regional and national level. It has been successful in securing voting rights for parish and town councils within the Yorkshire and Humber Assembly. Although this initiative is still in its infancy, it has ensured that parish and town councils are represented at a level which is having an ever-growing influence.

Regular newsletters are issued to member councils and copies of these are available in our 'Members Section' of this website.

One of the most important services that member councils can use is the access that is available to NALC’s Legal Services Team. Although the team cannot represent parish and town councils in any proceedings, they can provide legal opinion which many councils have found to be invaluable. Many smaller parish councils remain in membership because they recognise that the cost of obtaining a single piece of alternative legal advice is likely is to be in excess of their annual membership fee to ERNLLCA. Chairmen of small parish councils have often commented that their councils view membership as an insurance policy.

Membership of ERNLLCA is underpinned by a Service Level Agreement (SLA) which is signed by both the Association and the individual council. The SLA recognises that both parties have responsibilities and also includes a Complaints Procedure should a council be unhappy with the service it has received.









Benefits of Membership

How to Join

Membership of ERNLLCA is open to all parish councils, town councils and parish meetings within the East Riding of Yorkshire, North Lincolnshire and North East Lincolnshire. Presently, there are no parish or town councils in the City of Hull.

The cost of membership of ERNLLCA is two-fold, part of the fee is forwarded directly to NALC to fund the central corporate services (such as the Legal Services Team) and the remainder is retained to cover the cost of the local Association. The membership fee is paid annually and covers the period from 1st April to 31st March. Fees are based on the level of electorate in the parish and any council that is interested in taking out membership can be provided with an individual quotation. Councils joining ERNLLCA for the first time part-way through the year may qualify for a pro-rata subscription.

A quotation for the cost of membership may be obtained by contacting or by telephoning 01652 661617. Please ensure you know the size of the electorate when you contact us as this will speed up the process.