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BHIB - Insurance guide

The free guide - Insurance and Accounting for Councils – is designed to help new clerks and councillors understand the different types of insurance available to councils, as well as provide more information regarding the keeping of council accounts. BHIB Councils Insurance has developed cybersecurity tips to help keep local councils and their staff to stay secure and keep online data safe. As well as advice on expectations of local councils regarding playgrounds and outdoor fitness equipment.

The Queens Platinum Jubilee - 2nd June 2022

 Please find the letter and press release regarding The Queen's Platinum Jubilee Beacons. If you would like a copy of the guide to the beacons then please email

This could well be the last chain of beacons lit during The Queen’s reign, so we want to make it the largest and most dramatic the world has ever seen. We do hope therefore, that you will help us achieve this by taking part in lighting a beacon at 9.15pm on 2nd June next year. 


About Us

The East Riding and Northern Lincolnshire Local Councils Association, known as ERNLLCA, is an independent body which supports parish and town councils in the North Lincolnshire, North East Lincolnshire and the East Riding of Yorkshire. There is an equivalent organisation for each “shire county” area or equivalent in the country and all of these bodies, which are known as County Associations, join together as members of the National Association of Local Councils, or as it is more commonly known, NALC.

ERNLLCA (and its predecessor organisation, the Humberside Association of Parish and Town Councils) has been serving parish and town councils, and parish meetings, since 1974. In the years since there have been many changes to local government and the expectations placed on our tier of local government has grown and grown. ERNLLCA is a member organisation and its Officers cannot advise members of the public on matters relating to specific parish and town councils. If you have a query about an individual parish or town council you should contact the relevant Clerk or Chairman.

ERNLLCA is funded wholly by its members and does not receive any support from any of Principal Authorities or from the Government and exists purely for the benefit of its member parish and town councils. It works closely with Principal Authorities, Government Departments, Professional Bodies, Government Agencies and the Voluntary Sector to promote and support the work of member councils.

ERNLLCA operates a bottom-up approach to its governance. All member councils have the opportunity to meet 3 times a year through a system of District Committees. Each council may send any number of representatives to these meetings but only two may vote. Each District Committee elects representatives to serve on ERNLLCA’s Executive Committee and the Executive Committee elects a delegate to the meetings of the National Association of Local Councils. The current membership of the Executive Committee can be viewed in the Governance section of the members' pages.





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